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That's how cool revolution begins !

Don't be confused with the heading. It's just that I'm too much thrilled with what I have just witnessed at the launch of Coolpad Cool 1. I have never been to a device launch so cool, exciting and thrilling. It all started with an amazing introductory video on approx 20 by 30 ft curved screen . Seriously I felt like I'm sitting in an IMAX theater. In terms of innovation Coolpad won my heart at the very first step.

Cool1 has entered this humongous world of cellphones as a revolution. Why I say so ? Let's go through some of the very basic and important features of cellphone like Camera ( We consider it the heart of cellphone;-)) , Battery (The soul) and RAM ( The Brain)

Camera : Irrespective of the fact that I'm a fashion blogger and expected to be addicted to pictures and selfies and so always look for a good camera. It's like Gini's lamp I found. I can do whatever I wish for with the camera. I mean Coolpad Cool 1 has got 13MP Dual Camera with aperture of f/2.2. And surprisingly front camera which is of 8 MP has got the same aperture. Features like SLR which gives amazing bokeh effect and HDR for complete depth and sharpness makes it a full-fledged package no less than an SLR. I am posting my pictures below taken in different modes. Have a look.

Normal Selfie without any added feature

Selfie in Beautification mode

Normal Picture

Picture in SLR mode

Let's talk about The Soul : The Battery. 4000mh an unimaginable power which keeps your cell phone running for minimum of 2 days( I checked it myself with normal usage). Its for the first time I didn't had to worry about carrying a power bank (extra burden) with myself.
The Brain: Most important of all: RAM.
Tell me what's the use of having such powerful camera if the device don't have the capability of processing it ? With great power comes great responsibility; and Coolpad has fulfilled It by providing 4GB RAM on an octa core processor. Talking on practical terms. I used it at an event for Facebook live, insta stories, live tweeting, uploading pictures to Instagram and Facebook etc etc thoroughly and simultaneously. Didn't faced any lag and was really impressed.
There's a lot more to talk about Coolpad Cool1 and will surely do. Not just the features but about the launch party too and the great food they had. Keep checking guys will come up with the next post soon.

Image Source : 1,2

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