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Good Morning, Healthy Morning, Teafull Morning !

When winters were at their peak, I went to Manali. A beautiful hill station completely covered with snow.  It was Early morning when bright and clear sunlight entered my room being filtered by the thin curtain and woke me with its gentle warmth. As I opened my eyes I saw my better half sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea in her hand reflecting back the bright sunshine with her smile. I walked to her, picked my cup and with a deep breath felt the aroma of that tea. Before even sipping that up I felt so fresh, light, rejuvenated and happy that I said: "This is what perfect life is". She smiled and we sat there enjoyed the natural beauty silently with our cup of tea.

Well, I shared this beautiful moment of my life with you all because I wanted to tell that nature is the best healer. No medicine or artifact can give you what nature can. It's simple and it's effective just a sip and you'll feel its working. Tea my friend Tea. One of the most healthy as well as tasty gift of God because most of the time things which are healthy are not tasty. But tea is, and so one of the largely consumed drinks around the world and in India, it's at the Top.

Dark Tea is the most popular and consumed one. It tastes so good that people get self-bound in its aroma's spell. But my tea lover friends there is more than what just meets the eye, and for that Tea Monk has taken the initiative.

Tea Monk Global has stepped into the market with amazing flavors which if I try to sum up will come like 6 types of OoLong tea, 3 types of White Tea, 17 types of Green tea and of course 8 types of Black tea. Well in all it comes up to 34 different flavors! Check all of them at: TeaMonkGlobal

On 9th Feb I was Invited to Tea Tasting Session by Tea Monk Global. We went through the complete journey of tea, I mean from the time its plucked to the time it is finally served. Everything in detail and that's where lies the USP of Tea Monk Global that it provides tea to customers in less time as compared to other brands which help in keeping the flavor and ingredients intact.

Just have a look at the video below and see yourself how mesmerizing it is, seeing the flavor and color of tea rising up the boiling water.

And Here we have the nectarous Wa ooLong Tea.

Tea Monk also launched their Valentine's Collection so that one can gift their loved ones, a cup of good health.


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