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Miss Smart Ass is Stupid !

She is the one who has fooled the world.
She is the one who doesn't play chess, but as 
The Knight kills everyone like a pawn with a sight.
Earth don’t tremble when she walks 
but every guy does fumble when she talks.
Girls don't consider her a friend because they know 
in her love they will fell.
Colleagues adore her admire her but never dare to compete as defeat inspires her.
She has magic in her voice and sparkle in her eyes.
Lightning in her smile and you will feel it in her vibe.
Don't think further coz till now you will be hypnotized.


Who is this Girl? 

Ya this one who cries like a baby on small things and suddenly smile with dripping tears when shown a cotton candy.
This girl who has overtaken my wardrobe and have clothes at least 4 times of mine but still wears my shirts and sleeps like a child.
This girl who sleeps at the theater while watching action-thriller movies and jump and laugh Watching Cartoon ones.
Yes, This Girl who is a super chef but still loves the Maggie made by me more than anything.

The Cute Evil
The Dangerous Baby
The Style Diva
The Lazy Couch potato.
It's all you.
My Lady
Thanks for being what I can't even imagine.
Happy Women's Day

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