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How the World Likes to Drink Their Whisky

The glass can be half empty or half full…as long as there is whiskey in it! 

The legendary ‘Water of Life’ has a large number of devotees all over the globe. Honestly, let’s not blame the masses, when something so versatile and delectable comes by, people are bound to pledge their allegiance.
The question is, does the ‘Right Way of drinking whiskey’ really exist? Whiskey purists suggest having the drink neat to get the best out of it, while others prefer diluting it with a dash of water, soda and/or ice. The world has come up with more inventive and rather surprising ways of drinking their favorite alcohol. You’d be rather amused.

The Chinese just took ‘Water of Life’ to a whole new level
Could you ever have imagined mixing whiskey with green tea? Well, the Chinese did, and the results are amazing. Whiskey has become the new favorite drink of China, right after green tea I suppose. Surprisingly, a glass of iced green tea-whisky can be very refreshing and oddly satisfying. Do give it a go. 

Patiala Peg Fever is Always High for Indians
Indians love themselves the quintessential ‘Patiala Peg’ probably more than water. Right from Sadda Punjab to Nammude Keralam, the way to consume whiskey has been reinvented by the locals in amusing ways. Last week, I saw a dear Keralite friend of mine mix his favorite ‘Golfer’s Shot’ with tender coconut water. As your average Gurgaon man, it would be an understatement to say that I was taken aback, but have to hand it to them, it did taste good as the subtle flavor of dark chocolate flowing with flowery notes and mixed with tender coconut water really pleased my taste buds.

Spain likes to Keep Things Tangy
Well, Spaniards are big fans of whiskey as well. They love to mix their drink, so much so that it even has a name to it. They call them ‘Cubatas,’ translating to mixed drinks, not to be confused with cocktails though. They top it with a dash of orange juice or lemonade, or otherwise simply soda and a lot of ice. Maybe their love for light beverages like beer is to blame for the preference of ‘not-so-hard’ liquor.

Mexico and Tequila Don’t Blend That Well Anymore
Someone says Mexico and Tequila pops up in your mind, at least it does in mine. Stereotypes aside, Mexicans have had their fill of this earlier drink of choice. The younger generation is obsessed with whiskey, especially when served with a hint of salt and lime so much so that it has become a signature symbol of their narcoculture status.
Well, that’s it folks. Served up neat or in any other form, whiskey is here to stay, now and forever. Cheers!

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