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5 must have Watches for Wedding season

Wedding season is the most exiting time of the year where you get to attend your best friend's marriage, your Cousin's Marriage, your relatives marriage or Dam Your Own Marriage which calls for lots and lots of shopping.
Shopping in not an easy task specially for Boys, and when we talk about watches it gets much more difficult. We Boys love watches because of their features , looks, style etc but rarely we match them with outfit and buy for special occasions.
So guys I am here with some suggestions for you for your "WATCH" which has the perfect match of features , brand and style to match your outfit and occasion.

Your Own Wedding : 
No matter what, everyone present in your wedding has got sharp cat eyes on you making it a compulsion for you to be sharply dressed. This watch does justice to your outfit.

Cousins Wedding :
Ooo....So he is Groom's Brother, this statement proves how much attention people is paying on you cause they know your the next one in line to get married.

Best Friend's Wedding : 
Hell Yehh.. This in My Time...!!! Lets catch Every One's Eye.

Other occasions of Wedding (Day Time) : 
Its shiny out there so you cant be loud i.e. wear gold but don't think about rubber either.

Other occasions of Wedding (Evening Time) : 

Now its the time to Out Shine ;)

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