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What's Your Fitness Myntra

Jim Rohn said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” 

Very well said with deep meaning in few words because no matter whomsoever you are a tycoon or a daily wadges employee, you can not lie to yourself. 
Your body tells you the truth, tells you what exactly you are and what you are capable of. You are the only one who can raise the standard of your body, your health and trust me it repays back with interest.
Fitness is the accurate word that should be used and the aim to be achieved  when someone thinks of improving his health. Fitness varies person to person and that's why one must be clear of what he wants and then proceed. Well this is quite complicated , What do you want to be and How you will be ?

I have tried to classify the fitness and described the mantra to achieve itSet your aim and go for it. 

1. Lean and Tight
Its has never been a compulsion to have six or eight peck abs to be called as Fit. Lean and tight is the category for those guys who are not fitness freaks but don't want to be couch potatoes either. This is for those who have got a really tight schedule and its hard for them to go Gyming.
Yoga is your mantra guys. Its easy to learn and less time consuming.
The best feature of Yoga is : Your body revitalized and you can feel your Inner Strength reaching high levels, your immune system gets stronger , you feel fresh and full of positive thoughts.
All it needs is punctuality and 24 mins from your bust 24 hrs.  

2. Athletic
This physique brings a lot of self confidence, you become flexible and adaptive to any environment because your strength is at high level. Here boosting up your gut level to accept any challenge and reach new heights is easy. 
You have to be sporty by nature to achieve this level. Aerobics, cardio exercises and stretching exercises are must here. 

3. Muscular
This is the most awesome level of man's physique. To achieve this 3D effect of Body you must include 3D's in your Life which are 
1st : Discipline  
2nd : Determination
3rd : Dedication
Once you have these three in your life, your journey to Awesomeness begins. 
I personally believe that if you are in 20's then you must target for a muscular physique because its is the time when your body's metabolism rate is most optimized and you can regulate it with proper diet.

 Concluding this post with a quote I strongly believe in "I do exercise because I want to look awesome Naked rather in Armani"

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