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Beard and Mustache defining Masculinity

Beard just by saying these words we get an image in our mind of a MAN, never of a boy but of a strong man, standing like a rigid big rock in front of you...but why is it so ?

Lets just  look at this picture 

LION! The King of the Jungle, symbol of strength, power, dominance and in all aspects which define masculinity. Just imagine this lion without beard, ahhh... he lost it all. 
Its not that beard and mustache gives you some kind of strength or power but what it does is much better, trust me on that.

Just imagine, you meet this guy for the first time.

 I know just by imagining only you have felt the strong vibes of MAN, if I have got to summarize this I'll say Killer and girls would volunteer to get killed by these looks ;)

But is it that easy to build such persona with beard and mustache. No its not, it takes a lot of patience and creativity. Patience because hairs will grow at constant speed no matter what and creativity because having beard doesn't mean avoid shaving, its far harder then shaving.

So guys lets have a look on few styles and their impact, if you like one try one.

1. Smart Looks :

These looks are meant to melt women's heart, sharp edge beard which gives proper cut to round faces . This elegant look is the master of all, easy to get but quite tricky to handle. You have to be very alert with your blade when you are going for this look.

2. I am Stubborn

This look is all about the attitude, the stubbornness in this look is at heights. This look is for guys with hard beard because here you don't have to grow hair long, keep it short, keep it even and you have it.

3. He is a Hunk

Here we have stepped a level above Slightly dense beard properly trimmed at edges making you look like a strong man with attitude. For this kind of look you must have soft and dense growth of beard else it will grow like spikes which will spoil the whole Hunk factor.

And ya please don't miss understand me saying the Hunk by referring  Mr Jackman's Biceps this is also how the looks goes .

4. Mr Stylish

Style personified, that's what a Man with beard looks like. It takes months to reach this level and that too with lots of care and attention to every single mm of hair. But once you achieve it you have your Own Style Statement, make your move and show it off to the world.

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