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Alberto Torresi : Its Attitude in Style !

"Keep your Head, Heels and Standard High"

I live by this Moto ! It gives such an eminence pleasure when you look at your self in mirror, Sharply dressed from head to toe, Standing tall to your expectations with a proud feeling of an Achiever ! Incomparable isn't it ? 

Head, Heel and Standard, Three important things that completes a Man. High Head : comes with good and kind deeds; High Standard : a reflection of your personality and  your attitude ; High Heels : Now this is quite tricky because both philosophically and figuratively you have to be up to the mark. 

Recently, I met a Man who do understand this philosophy and has incorporated his talent and skill in a brand which is completely Indian and has the power, strength and audacity to challenge every other which exist. I am talking about "Alberto Torresi". Yehh a well known shoe brand known for there superior work with leather shoes and the man behind the brand is Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva.  

About Alberto Torresi: Alberto Torresi was launched in the year 2010 by Agra based Virola Shoes Pvt Ltd. This Indian enterprise is an offshoot of a 40 year old family run business of rolling leather products. Currently, Alberto Torresi is spearheaded by a second generation entrepreneur Ishaan Sachdeva who entered the family business with a vision to take footwear industry to the next level. Today, Alberto Torresi enjoys a presence in over 600 sales points across 21 cities in India.

That was just an introduction of the brand, if we get into its products, its a whole new world in itself. Alberto Torresi has a vast and dedicated R&D team which work on market and trend analysis, as a result they come up with great designs and patterns of shoes which are loved world wide. 

Last week Mr. Sachdeva invited us to visit there Factory in Agra and have a conversation with him over lunch. The trip to Agra was awesome so does the lunch but the most exciting was the "Factory Visit" where I actually came to know how these famous shoes are made. Below I am sharing few images of the visit, hope you will like them.

(Leather Measurement Machine)

(So which color stitch you want ;))

(Different Pattern and Colors of Leather)

These are just few glimpse of what all we saw. The process of shoe making is exciting and the outcome was damm lovable !
I am adding just a few of what I loved most, for rest visit :
And Shine in Style !

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