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What comes to your mind when I say "Louis Philippe"; Obviously : A brand well known for men styling and lifestyle. We have searched for it a lot in Malls and men clothing stores. But its not just about clothing, when we say lifestyle it involves everything we like, we love and we live with.

In case of women its simple "be confused" as they(women) are also always confused, so two negatives makes positive O:-) But Men Styling and Lifestyle is totally different and difficult as there are limited resources and a huge world to win.

As a Men Fashion Blogger I have always tried to give my readers every opportunity to understand the new Trends and latest Fashion statements. Moving forward with that today I am writing about by Louis Philippe an online magazine for Men.

As a Men just name your fantasy, will have something or other for you. Cars, Bikes, Clothing, Games, Food, Destinations, its one fully fledged online magazine. A one time visit is must, check it out here :

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