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Designs of the Season By Karan Moin !

"What makes you Different, Makes you Beautiful !"

That's right ! There is no particular definition of "beautiful". Some say: beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, others say its a feeling which makes you represent the better part of yourself to world. What I feel is, word "Beauty", " Handsome", "Smartness" are all driven with one motion which is WOW !!
"WOW" is priceless, I mean, I love to hear people saying this whenever I enter. You guys also want to hear the same words, right?

But to get such attention a person must stand apart from crowd. Your attire should be so idolizing that everyone wants to be like you or with you ;-)

Karan Moin, the two faces, known for their attractive, innovative and unique ideas have come up with another brilliant fusion of Indian prints and customs over Jackets, Blazers and Shervanis.

Lets start with the half jacket : Bright orange colour with contras blue traditional print, very vibrant and gives a classy look.

Sherwani : Yellowish golden look but not shiny with white embroidery, a superior level of art. A classy royal look.

The two masterpieces shown above are the ones who sets you apart. As a signature of collection"Karan Moin" has used the Indian texture in both smooth and soft forms.

Blazers are all always the most desired ones for parties and for men white, black, blue and red are the most suited colours to be worn. Keeping that in mind Karan Moin have designed these lovely blazers with unique net pattern, just zoom in the above image to fall in love with it.

This is what I would recommend for a big fat wedding. I'll just use few words to describe this attire : Stylish, Classy, commendable.

These are just the glimpses from the new collection of "Karan Moin", there is lot more for you to explore.

You may visit there store at:

 M-14 A, Lower G/F, 

 Vinoba Puri, 

 Lajpat Nagar II, Lajpat Nagar, 

 New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Stay Stylish !!! ;-)

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