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Its my "Niice Cream" !!!

It all started in 1999 when Backstreet boys sang "I want it That Way" and now in 2015 its "I want it My Way" more specific, more clear and most importantly more like Me. An undeniable truth of the new world, where every thing is Quick and Customizable. Seems like I'm sounding too serious but wont be anymore because I'm gonna do something which will swing your mood upside down and make your tongue roll out.

Nitrogen + Ice-cream = Niice Cream. You might me thinking what actually I am taking about ? Nitrogen reminds of scary test-tubes filled of chemicals and Ice cream reminds of cups filled of love. But this is not at all scary. This time its Yummy, Quick and Customizable. Just the way new generation wants and hence offered by "Niice Cream".

Nitrogen Ice Cream
The brand replaces the old-fashioned ice cream with charming new technology, using liquid Nitrogen as it’s secret weapon. The ice creams are created from magic and the  intent has been on developing a technique of making instant fresh ice cream with an all natural taste. The brand works on the technique of freezing ice cream at super low temperatures to create a smoother product and freeze  ice cream just while you blink your eyes.
Using Liquid Nitrogen for Freezing
The concept with which Niice cream prepares it’s product is very simple yet unique.The cream base is mixed with the flavor of any choice in addition to extra toppings or color with liquid nitrogen that freezes the product in no time. This gives the customers, a fresh, creamy and natural ice cream that is made in front of them. Niice cream has cone up with some super amazing flavors like

Blueberry cheesecake : 

Naughty Nutella :

Jucy Lucy Mango :

Peachy Berry, Paanstar, Raspberry Oreo Crunch, Ferrero,
After Eight and most importantly Create your Own. 

I think the time of reading is up and its time to rush for Niice Cream.

Go and grab it at Hauz Khas Village and Pacific mall

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