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The G-Street : Its time for Men to Shop

Shopaholic : Oxford dictionary depicts "A compulsive shopper" and an informal noun which can be used for women and men both but In real world in 90% of cases it is used for Women only. If you don't trust me, look at the picture below. Even google used the example of Women to clarify its meaning.

As a result of this hype thousands of options are available for women to shop and shop from.
But that's unfair ! A study published by psychologist today said "Shopaholics are almost as likely to be men as they are women" and I completely agree with it ! 

I am a Shopaholic and that's why I was really happy when I came to know about "The G-Street". An online store dedicated to Men who love to be fashionable, stylish and always up to date.
The site divides itself into very basics of men's need like : shirts, shoes, t-shirt, kurtas, sweaters, accessories, gifts etc. And their specialty is Uniqueness. The products offered by The G-Street are hard to find any where else.
So you wanna know what I bought from "The G-Street".

Yup ! These stylish Brogue. I styled them in two different looks and they are so good that in every look the shoes made there own mark. Have a Look :

Not just this shoe I loved the unique shoe range that The G-Street offers. Seriously I haven't seen such range at any other store. Here are few examples :

See I told you Men are shopaholic too. I stared working on the post and got deviated to shopping and checking the stuff at The G-Street. Not just shoes I liked the collection of Kurtas and Shirts as well. Kurtas are smart and among the rarely available ones online. In Kurtas my favorite ones are : 

Superb, aren't they ? Just checkout more at and get 10% extra discount by applying coupon : indianfashionformen

Be Stylish ! ;)

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