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OOTD : Devils meet-up at friendships day!

"Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends"

Long gone the days when friendship was playing together, sharing lunch, copying notes and so gone are the days we fought for the same girl we claimed as our crush and in the end, sharing a beer after discovering that her crush is someone else. Meaning of friendship changed on every stage of life but what never changed are the Friends !

Friendship day, a day to celebrate a bond shared by two personalities, which may not be similar but have accepted each other in whatever form they are to share there feelings and thoughts wholeheartedly without any fear and trust that can bear any pain without a tear.

I went into deep philosophy above but couldn't control it  because friendship comes from heart (An organ whom you cant control). And to celebrate such auspicious day Its really important to dress-up with a brand who understands a "Men's Heart" and makes him the conqueror of everyone's Heart !

John Players are the one who cracked the deal and gave proper definition to our zeal for a proper Men's Night Out ! 

Let me break it down for you :

Sky Blue Lenin Blazer with blended white thread pattern : Classy and Comfy with Color so Cool, no eye can dare to miss you out.

Dull Blue Cotton Shirt : A perfect match to the blazer because its dull and not out casting the vibrant color of the coat.

Bright White Lenin Trouser : Adding to the cool image white trousers give you the subtle way to achieve the classy cool image.

Brown brooks : That's how you stand out !  Brown shoes are adding a tangy flavor to the light shades I have used just like cherry toppings over softy cone ice-cream.

Brown Cotton Elastic Belt : Fashionable, trendy and brown in color to match the shoes. Simply perfect.

Sorry I didn't introduced you to my partner in crime "Jomin". I can't imagine what my childhood have been without him. If I have to explain him to you all in one word, i'll say "STIFLER" and every one knows who the stifmeister is !(If you don't go watch American Pie)

But he has grown up now. No more silly, crazy, naughty pranks. Now every thing has come down to one word and that's "Evil" !

Now you can imagine what would have happened when two devils united to celebrate Friendship Day ! There is no match to the attitude we have and to carry it along we have to be dressed in a way that even a single glance of our will make people go Wow !

Let me break down Jomin's look to you :
The image above is B&W but from others you can relate that he is wearing 

Blue light check pattern Waistcoat : Must for a man to flaunt his V shaped body and showcase his style.

Blue sharp printed Shirt : Going perfect with the coat and giving it the push of contrast.

Black stone-wash trousers : A must for every guy because black can blend with almost every thing and here its going great with the black thin stripes of the waist coat.

The Style and Attitude I have been talking through the whole post wouldn't have been possible without the brand that sets in perfectly with us "John Players". And how could it be possible that I have not shopped any thing for my friend.

and how could I be left behind ;) 

One Thing we should not miss is the person behind the camera. A true friend who has always got our back "Anshul Rohilla". Check his photography here-- Link!

And go Shopping for you and your dear ones at the nearest John Players store and grab the hottest styles of the season with cool discounts as of now. On the special occasion of Friendship Day, the brand is offering FLAT 40% OFF across all John Players stores.

Here is a video, which is dedicated to all your friends & captures the spirit of friendship in John Players collection.

 link : Youtube

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