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OOTD : Styling with John Players

"Good Friends are Hard to find, Harder to leave and Impossible to forget"

Considering that true, I never miss a chance of making friends. Since each and every friend is certainly go, I want them aside on every stage of life. Its hard though, but pays off well. The hardest part of this beautiful relationship called "Friendship" is the beginning of it. The season of friendship is at its peak since Friendship day is around. If you want a new friend or even offer your friendship to someone, this is the time. Remember only your Style and Attitude can help you to clear the first stage.

Indian Men Casual Style

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. When you have your Style check and Attitude right then no way you will miss the first sight. 

Well to cash in my moment, I got styled by John Players ! 
I kept the look simple yet attractive by using vibrant colors and fusing them with pastel ones.

Pink Patterned Apple Cut Casual Shirt

The shirt I chose is light pink with soft grid and dotted pattern. Its always good to use light colors for occasions where you will be indulging more in interactions because light colors keep you positive and cheerful. And who wouldn't want to interact with one such personality ;)

Indian Casual Look

Cream color slim fit trousers are going in fine tune with the shirt maintaining the light attractive look and when you get comfort with style, there is nothing more to ask for. In contrast are the brown brooks which are too much in fashion and are known to make a statement.

John Players took great care of the Styling part but what about the Attitude ?
Attitude in Style

Attitude is what makes you or breaks you ! You can't find the guidelines for a perfect attitude in any book  or blog or anywhere else. For me Attitude is a path you choose while obeying two rules 

1. Always keep your head high.
2. A tree bends when its fruits have ripened; a fresh water cloud hangs low; similarly a gentleman becomes all the more humble in prosperity.

Well my magic did worked and I had my moment; Finding a Friend on Friendship day is like finding a black pearl on beach walk.
Indian Fashion for Men
About John Players:
John Players, the iconic youth fashion brand embodies the spirit of today’s youth – Fun, Friends & Freedom. With global trends which reflect the vivacity and vibrancy of youth, John Players offers animated colours, contemporary fits and bold styling. John Players exhorts you to get together with your friends and create fun memories. The brand offers a comprehensive range of formals, casuals, party wear, jeans and accessories with Shirts, Trousers, T-shirts, Denims, Shorts, Blazers, Jackets & more.
The brand John Players resonates with the idea of youth who is fun loving, outgoing, independent and above all who values friendship. Being a youth fashion apparel brand, John Players feels the pulse of today's young generation and translates it into inspired fashion clothing that's vivid, vibrant and playful.

On this Friendship Day, the brand exhorts you to shop for your friends out of its current collection in stores. John Players offers The Cool Pool, Rugby Rush and Origine as key collections this season in casuals.  The Cool Pool offers bright and breezy linens in pastel colours capturing the key trends of horizontal stripes and printed shirts. Inspired by the buzz of campus life, Rugby Rush collection presents an energetic range in varsity colours of red, white and blue with rugby graphics & sport motifs. Range of Origine casuals offer indigo dyed essentials in cotton-linens with nature inspired elements like wooden buttons.

Along with these, enjoy an exciting John Players Jeans range showcasing contemporary fits, experimental washes and playful styling. The collection of jeans has an innovative product line - Knitted denims that provide both rugged look of denim & stretch and comfort of a knitted fabric; Satin denims made of light weight satin weave fabric for great comfort during summer & Laser wash denims offering intricate designs using laser technology to accentuate your fashion quotient.

Here is a video, which is dedicated to all your friends & captures the spirit of friendship in John Players collection.

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