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For My Shaadi !!!

Every Indian guy's fantasy : 
To dance in best friends wedding on 
" Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai". 

There is nothing which has more fun than this. You know why ? Its because we live by love. The Bond we share with our friends, cousins, relatives, our dear ones, our known ones all are abide by the joy and love and so we always look for occasions to express it in the best way possible. 

Wedding, what could be bigger than this in a man's life. Hundreds of people gather to shower there blessings on the newly married couple. Lots of happy faces. And most importantly lots and lots of Gifts!!! Wow, what could me more exciting than unwrapping so many gifts. 

But to kill the excitement comes a big problem : Gifts of no use and repeated gifts. I mean actually I received around 20 statutes of lord Ganesha at my house warming ceremony. Now what should I do ? People who bought it for me has actually spent money and has got there sentiments attached with it. Discarding there gifts might hurt them. Big Trouble !

" Need is the mother of Invention"
And this time it has been proven right by Recently I have been invited to the launch party of; At the party my smile became directly proportional to my understanding of this website. The feeling that is taking all my worries away made me really happy and I bet you all will be too.

Now let me kill the suspense and detail you what ForMyShaadi is all about.

  • Its a website where you can create your wedding gift registry. A gift registry makes it easy for couples planning their wedding to wishlist a range of products and experiences that they would like their family and friends to buy them as wedding gifts. Means neither repetitive gifts and nor unwanted ones.
  • Share your wish list with your friends and relatives and see your dream wedding come true.
There are lot many such amazing and exciting features on it. Just visit and enjoy.

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