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Gautam Gulati Discusses His Future Plans And Many More!

We all know that Gautam Gulati is already made his debut with Emraan Hashmi's Azhar, which is already a hit movie. Recently, in an interview with an online portal Gautam discussed his role nd his future plans. When asked about that did he met Ravi Shastri(his character in the movie) for the character? He said," I  attended workshops for a month, where my trainer would interview me every day and I had to respond like a cricketer. And no, I did not meet Ravi Shastri, because I am not playing him per me. My character is a cricketer-turned-commentator, and he has been inspired by not only Ravi Shastri but Navjot Singh Sidhu and Harsha Bhogle as well."  

He also added that Bigg Boss was a turning point of his career," People recognised me by the name of my characters I had played on TV. After Bigg Boss, they started knowing me by my own name". He also told that he is only in touch with Puneet Issar from Bigg Boss season.

When asked about Is Salman and Ekta played  a vital role in his success, He replied,"If Salman was so keen on me being the winner, he would have offered me Hero (it launched Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty) and the film would have been a big hit. Let me tell you one thing from the bottom of my heart -- Ekta has given me work because she respects my talent, and I love her for that. 

Salman supported me through Bigg Boss and Ekta has supported me in my career. And Salman backed  me for what I did inside the (Big Boss) house -- for example, Upen Patel was already a star while entering the show. He could have gone to another level but lost out due to some of his decisions. Nobody can help you in Bigg Boss but the viewers."

We all know that girls are crazy for his hot physique. When asked about how he maintained it, he said," I don’t have sugar/ alcohol and I don’t smoke. I work out for 2 hours every morning,  followed by 2 hours of gymnastics. Recently, Tiger Shroff recommended me to his trainer for gymnastics."

Now, what you guys are waiting for go and make your body like him!

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