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OOTD : Be Smart in Casuals

Fashion may be common for all but style is what makes you different and the one who is different is always the center of attraction. But remember guys bit of experiment with fashion is good but just to be different, never go way beyond your comfort zone because that will be being stupid not being smart.

"Being Smart" is the moto I try to live up to and when it comes to casuals it becomes quite tricky. Why? Because we know how to be sharply dressed in formals, classy for parties but in casuals you have to be Stylish, Fashionable and most importantly Comfortable

Recently, I attended Amazon Fashion Week and I was in same dilemma : What to wear to Look Smart in Casuals !
And this is what I chose:

White T Shirt with shiny textured print of Michel Jackson giving out an impression that though its white (symbol of peace) but its MJ ,the icon of Loud Fashion. 

Shoes play a very important role, they must be comfortable, stylish and most important should compliment your attire. I am wearing Adidas outdoor shoes. I like the way they grip my feet and support my ankle. When I have to attend an event where I have to walk a lot, they provide perfect reflex which reduces body pressure on heels to half. 

Do you like my watch ? I have talked about it here.

Here is my complete look. A proper combination of blue, black and white. Simple yet Stylish !

Woo...! I missed talking about hoodie I am wearing which is actually a combination of shrug and a hoodie. It is loose, light weight and comfortable.

Damn! I am tired now...Lets have some water ;-)

Sun goes down so does the curtain. Hope you like the pictures. I thank my friend Gaurav Pushkarna for the pictures. We will be back with  another look post soon. Stay tuned!

What I am wearing?
T-shirt     : Westside
Denims: Lee
Shoes    : Adidas
Watch   : Fossil
Hoodie : Westside

Stay Fashionable!

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