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Kama Ayurveda for Men

Men born to be tough ! But what exactly is this toughness about ? We men are confused with the answer and women seriously has no idea. The synonyms of this toughness that are forcibly incorporated in men's life are carefree, rough, rigid etc. This on the positive aspect motivates us for going to Gym but on negative aspect demotivate to go for skin care.

I am seriously against this ! Agreed we are tough but nothing is inborn, whether its our muscles or our attitude, we develop it and take care of it and same goes with skin, you have to take care of it, nurture it, then only you can shine in front of the world.

Talking about myself I have muscular physique but really sensitive skin and that's why I am very particular about skin care products, chemicals I don't prefer generally. Ayurveda is one solution for this and so I went to Kama Ayurveda store at GK N Block Market, Delhi to hunt for some good skin care products.

To begin with, these are the products that I came up

1. Himalayan Deodar Face cleanser for Men
2. Vanilla Milk & Honey Exfoliator for Men
3. Pure Vetiver Water

1.  Himalayan Deodar Face cleanser for Men : Very different from other face cleanser. When I took it in my hand it was very light  and felt like oil and didn't gave any foam but when i dried my face it was clean, clear and fresh.

2. Vanilla Milk & Honey Exfoliator for Men : Many boys don't even know what it is and so don't even understand its importance. Exfoliator is must for skin renewal and so milk and honey are  great ingredients to expose your upcoming new skin to. I'm using it for last one month and can spot clear difference.

3. Pure Vetiver Water : Something you must carry with yourself always. The moment you feel dull and tiered just a spray and voilĂ  you are ready for a new start.

I am using few more products as well and will come up with the review very soon. Till then be natural be smart B-)

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