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OOTD : Boys Day Out with Flying Machine

Friendship, just Google this word and you will get hundreds of quotes, thousands of examples but there is no match for one Jodi(two friends) who are remembered till now and will be for generations for their remarkable and outstanding friendship, I am talking about none other than "Jai and Veeru".

I am not going to talk about "Sholey" here and that's because I have a thrilling, romantic, fun-filled real life story of my own. Starring Veeru, Jai and Basanti.

Here comes Veeru(That's me Mayank)

This is Jai ( Gaurav)

Basanti. Sorry Basanti has not made an entry yet as its just the beginning of our story. So coming back to the heroes of our story.

Veeru : Breifly described as the one who is funky, smart, stylish in short he is a Hunk and is very particular about his dress-up.

Flying Machine is one stop solution for all his needs and greed for being handsome and stylish. So, what I chose today from Flying Machine store at GIP mall, Noida is a navy blue shirt with light print of white dots, a white Tee  and blue rugged denim.

A proper look for Boys Day Out. Why I said so ? 
Let me give you the detailing of the look.
First comes the Shirt : A pleasant color with eye catching pattern. So it has caught every Girls eye , now its time for the twist which is the way I wore it; Open with white body-hugging Tee, showing off my broad chest. Mark it guys, Girls go crazy for Men with broad Chest !

Then comes parallel jeans which compliments my broad physique and its rugged so is making a point that this Dude is a bachelor and is ready to Rock and Roll !

So, Veeru played his part well and knocked out many girls in the Mall with his killer looks and attitude.

But where did the shy and sophisticated Jai went ? Guys don't get in impression that shy guys miss any fun, actually being shy many times works as a trump card. You just need to use it at right time.

With such stunning looks we did hunted down a lot of hot eyes. But that's not all, the shooters also got shot down with the entry of Basanti in our life. The sweet story of two friends is about to get spiced up. Stay tuned as there is more to come up with flying machine.

No idea whats going to happen but till then we will enjoy ;-)

Denims              : Flying Machine
Shirts                 : Flying Machine
Tee's                  : Flying Machine
Photographer : Gaurav Pushkarna & Manasi


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