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Gym is where I praise my Lord

If you believe in God then praise yourself because he resides in You. Every holy book says the power of your God is directly proportional to your prayers, the more you pray and show faith in him the more stronger and gracious he becomes. 

So what should I do burn a candle in front of mirror ? Hell No ! The correct way to praise the lord within you is by giving him a strong and healthy body to be in. 

And so I say "Gym is where I praise My Lord". We humans are Gods greatest creations and so we must respect this form this body that almighty blessed us with. You have thousands of options to start with, what I chose is Gyming. A superb way to be in shape, stay strong and look sexy.

But guys, there is always a way to proceed with, don't just go and start lifting weights. Know and understand your physique, health, strengths and weaknesses first. 

Today I will tell you few points which are very important and are most of the times ignored while Gyming.

1. Punctuality : Must for each and every one of you. Proper gyming is a kind of austerity, not easy but results are always outstanding. So never miss a day.

2. Warm up and Cool down : Maintaining your body temperature is really important. Whenever you start exercising , start with stretching and light exercises to warm up your complete body. Never lift weights on the very first go, as you may end with ruptured muscles. After you are done with exercises give complete time to your body to relax, stretching floor exercises are best way to end with.

3. Division of Exercises as per Days : Always concentrate on one body part at a time and by part I mean Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Back, Abs etc.

4. Motivation : A point very different from others but a very important one because practically speaking its quite easy to start but very difficult to keep going. You have to keep motivating yourself. You wont be getting results as soon as you start so be patient and motivate yourself.

Seems like now you guys are motivated enough so lets meet at the Gym ;-)

Model : My Friend -> Vipul Goyal
Photographer : My Friend -> Anshul Rohilla 

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