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Wooba from Da Milano

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging is my passion but by profession I am a Software Engineer. Now being at the two very different ends I alwa...
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Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 - Men Fashion Day 1

Amazon India Fashion Week  Autumn Winter 2016 has started and one great news for all men fashionista's is that Fashion Design Council ...
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Should Men celebrate Woman's Day ?

Gender inequality has always been among us, no matter which country you are from, which society you belong, which color-creed you have,...
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Relationships, It has much more than it appears

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.”  ― Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard Relationships are bea...
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Nexa : Next stage of Auto Love

We Indians are emotional fools, that's what world says but I don't think it's foolish to be emotional. I say it's our US...
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